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Writer's Block: Top 10 
24th-Dec-2008 04:27 pm
It's the time of year for "10 Best" lists. What's on your personal 10 Best—events, movies, music, anything—list for 2008?
My Top Ten moments/events of 2008

10. Discovering the Tudors TV show
9. Winning a first edition hardcover copy of "When Knighthood Was In Flower" book on Ebay
8. A new friend surprising me today, yup, on xmas eve with a bottle of catalan rosé - a very unexpected but sweet gesture  
7. BBQ on the beach in Cadaques with my friends - gotta love freshly catched and  roasted anchovies and calamari lol 
6. Skinnydipping and partying hard on the Dia de San Joan in Mar Bella hehehe
5. June 29 - Spain - Germany Football Euro Cup Final - Spain  Won 1-0 PODEMOS! VIVA ESPAGNA! Força Barça ja!
4. Love Ball (the biggest and best circuit party in Barcelona last August)
3. Celebrating my Bday in Sitges with my SO
2. Riding a pedalo with my SO on my bday -  way too much fun ;)
1. Well, 2008 isn't quite over yet, and Cap d'Any (New Year's Eve) is still to come!

Wishing everyone the best, most amazing and most magical holiday season!
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