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Writer's Block: Gobble Gobble 
27th-Nov-2008 07:20 pm
Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., one of the few American holidays where the only things you're expected to buy are groceries. Some cooks like to go all out (see: turducken), others prefer to just go out. What kind of cook are you?

On Thanksgiving, I'm a nostalgic cook! I do celebrate a very traditional Thanksgiving (must be about the only person to do so here in the backwoods of the Pyrenees lol) as I used to do when I lived in the US of A. Turkey with homemade stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, sweet potato and green bean casserole, and cinnamon apples!

I love cooking! But I rarely cook for myself alone. I guess that's cuz I like when my cooking is being appreciated by others. And I firmly believe in an old saying that the path to the man's heart goes thru his stomach ;)
28th-Nov-2008 02:51 am (UTC)
I can totally understand cooking being more fun when doing it for others. There is a certain satisfaction in their enjoyment. And yes, the path to a man's heart is DEFINITELY through his stomach, lol!
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